Gibmo(beta) is for managing your devices on the web.


  • Add unlimited number of Photons!
  • Manage all your devices from anywhere!
  • Assign users for any Photon!
  • Access from phone, tablet and desktop!
  • Registration is completely free! (for Gibmo Beta)

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Gibmo gives you web page control of the Photon

Add Photon Devices

With Gibmo you can add any number of Photon devices so you can control them anywhere you have access to the Internet. All of your Photon information is stored in a secured, encrypted database.

Add Users

With Gibmo you can add as many users to your account as you want. Specify an email and set their password and you're done!

Assign Users

After adding users you can assign them to any of your deivices, specifying any amount of time that they can access your Photon. Once that time expires they can no longer access your device.

Manage Devices

And of course the best part, you and any of your assigned users can access your devices through a simple interface that allows you to operate any of the pins on your Photon devices.

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